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House Demolition Services in Christchurch

Before starting a new construction project or as part of land division work, one might need to demolish existing structures for example, pulling down a house, garage, or building. Demolishing isn’t as easy as it looks to be on T.V, as professional house demolition involves a number of essential safety processes. As a result, house demolition is not DIY! It’s highly important to hire professionals for demolition projects of any size.

  • A professional demolition contractor will plan and streamline the whole demolition process. Just as building a house requires careful planning, demolishing one does too.
  • Demolition contractors will obtain all of the necessary approvals from the local council
  • In addition to obtaining all necessary permits from the local authorities, a demolition contractor will also make sure that necessary fees have been paid in full.
  • A thorough demolition service provider will officially make sure that utilities like gas, electricity, water etc have been disconnected before the demolition process starts.
  • Expert demolition involves a number of methods which use specialised machinery. A professional contractor will review the work and opt for the approach that ensures minimum damage and disruption to surrounding areas.
  • Well-trained demolition contractors will inspect and review the site to ensure the safe management and disposal of any hazardous waste materials like lead and asbestos etc. In addition, they will aim to reduce noise and dust where possible.
  • A professional house demolition contractor will ensure that proper site safety precautions are adhered to throughout the entire process to ensure full safety for workers, clients and civilians.
  • Demolition contractors will finalise the project by ensuring safe disposal of any waste or rubbish, leaving you with a clean site.

For all this and more, get in contact with our team of experienced professionals at SMC for professional house demolition in Christchurch.

Retaining Walls Christchurch Wide

In simple terms, retaining walls are built for the purpose of holding soil behind them. Many residential and commercial real estate projects require the construction of retaining walls, for a variety of purposes outlined below:

  • When a property has a surrounding garden or lawn, building a stone retaining wall around the area helps to reinforce the boundaries on the property, hold the soil and increase the appeal of the place.
  • Construction projects on highways often require large-scale reinforced walls to retain the soil.
  • Both commercial and residential retaining walls can help to reduce and restrict erosion caused by nature such as wind and rain.
  • Retaining walls are often built around terraced yards to minimise maintenance.
  • Hillside construction projects need extra reinforcements like strong retaining walls to keep loose soil in place.

Building a retaining wall is a complicated process because there are more than ten different types of retaining walls. In order to ensure you get the most suitable retaining wall for your project, it’s important to consult with a professional to determine which retaining wall your project requires.

The retaining wall process involves a number of technical steps like land surveying, identifying soil type, establishing a natural drainage pattern etc. For the best possible outcome long-term, hire an experienced professional contractor to build your retaining walls in Christchurch. Steve Mallinson Contracting provides professional services for both house demolition and the building of retaining walls in Port Hills and Christchurch.


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Retaining Walls

One of the best and most effective solutions to protect your property from soil erosion from excess rain is by building a retaining wall. With the right choice of materials, we can create a stunning hardscape around your garden/lawn that is both visually stunning as well as functional.

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If you are planning to renovate an old home or work on specific areas of your property, you now just as well as we do that a timely and well-executed demolition is vital in kicking off your project. After your consultation, our experts will analyze the requirements and provide you with a precise quote without any hidden costs.

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