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Retaining Walls

We have vast experience in constructing, rebuilding and repairing retaining walls over the Canterbury Region. We have the expertise to access the steepest sites, even building temporary roads to gain safe access.

We are now expanding our services to the Auckland region. If you have a Retaining Wall construction project in Auckland or Canterbury, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Excavation Services

Using our construction background knowledge and expertise has proven to maintain a professionalism from the start to finish of any excavation. Closely working from FFLs (Finished Floor Levels) to ensure the required excavation is excavated to the perfect depths prior to Engineer inspections or backfilling requirements. Our fast, efficient and quality service in this field will ensure you have your own excavation completed to the standard you require.


Having been heavily involved with Christchurch Residential Red Zone (RRZ) and Green Zone Demolitions over the last 5 years has given us a broad range of expertise and experience when it comes to clearing sites for rebuild purposes as well as maintaining a safe working environment during any demolition process.

Earthworks & Siteworks

Our operators are highly qualified and skilled in Earthworks & Siteworks. We are highly skilled at detail excavation and all our machines are up to date. Our excavation services include; detail excavation land levelling, footings, trenches peering, soil removal, concrete removal, site clean-up, pool excavations and other bulk excavations.

Tight Access Excavation

Our team is experienced in mini excavation, tight access equipment and knowledge to get the impossible excavation jobs done.

Swimming Pool Excavation

Perfectly excavated swimming pools that are to the highest quality standards for construction and building.

Landscaping Excavation

Transform your front or backyard into a useable space where your family and friends will want to spend their time.

Rock Breaking Contractor in Christchurch

Rock breaking is an important task in fields like municipal engineering, mining, quarrying, and road excavation. Rock breaking may sound like a rugged and rustic job, but in reality it’s a highly technical process and requires both professional and scientific expertise.

Conducting blasts to break rock is an age-old procedure that’s almost obsolete at this point. This is because the process creates vibrations in the surrounding areas, often resulting in dangerous fly rocks and fly stones, while also producing toxic gases.

Though blasting is practised in situations where other methods won’t work, innovation in the field of rock breaking has led to the introduction of many other much safer methods that get the job done without damaging side-effects.

These new and improved methods for rock breaking reduce vibrations and eliminate fly stones and toxic gases from the process, while also ensuring cracks don’t develop post-blast. To employ the latest rock breaking methods on your project, hire Steve Mallinson Contracting for rock breaking in Christchurch and the surrounding areas.

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Hillside Excavation at Port Hills

Hillside excavation is a basic requirement of construction work. It’s the process of removing rocks, soil and stones from an area to make it suitable for construction work. Hillside excavation is a technical process that involves steps like surveying of the area and analysis of the soil’s chemical disposition. Professional hillside excavation also involves adhering to regulations set by administrative authorities that govern the area.

Hill excavation needs to be done right, especially in areas prone to landslides or earthquakes. High-quality hillside excavation is the key to laying a high-quality foundation. Steve Mallinson Contracting has an experienced crew, technical know-how and the latest machinery for expert hill excavation services in Port Hills.

Foundation Waterproofing Services in Christchurch

When it comes to professional construction work, some projects require waterproofing before the concrete foundation is laid. This process is common in urban locations where the water table is high, especially with buildings that are prone to foundational water seepage due to their proximity to marshy soil, or the presence of a river nearby etc.

In the past, the only solution to this problem was to use sheet membranes, however experience shows they were not able to effectively keep the seepage at bay over the long-term. Nowadays, waterproof concrete offers a superior solution. An expert in foundation waterproofing can provide you with a convenient solution for waterproofing the base of any building. Trust Steve Mallinson Contracting for any and all needs related to foundation waterproofing in Christchurch and the surrounding areas.

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